This is a project dedicated to the people who make me do what I do. The works I have made have a personal connection with each of the people for whom they were created. I used materials such as teeth, blood, hair, resin, yarn, silver or gemstones to make jewelry. The works, which at first glance are not particularly different from others, on closer inspection can be disgusting. Instead of stones, teeth hang, blood is enclosed in cabochons, and human hair is entwined in yarn. Precious materials are in direct conflict with human waste, not clashing, but forming a cohesive whole. Oh Hang Me is a project that confronts the viewer with his own beliefs. With my works, I draw attention to the natural reflexes that cause us to reject what is closest to us.

People to whom I owe myself


I met Gaba in my first year of college, in Jordan Park on some hill, right after my first class I don't even remember with whom anymore. She was pretty and looked cool. We were a bit at a loss as to what to do with each other, since everyone in the group associated somehow, but hardly anyone we knew. Coming down the hill, we decided that we would go have coffee and talk. We've talked a lot since then, and no one has helped me like Gaba throughout the entire stage of my education. Gaba is a wonderful person.

I wouldn't be here without Gaba.

People to whom I owe myself


I met Zosia altogether because, texting with Gaba, we found that we liked Zosia and we want her to be friends with us. I guess she also wanted to make mates, because I can't count how many coffees we had together and how many dates I've been on with her and Amadeusz. Zosia is talented, beautiful and smart person. She is one of the best characters I have come into contact with. I love her sincerity in relationships. She impresses me a lot.

I wouldn't be here without Zosia.

People to whom I owe myself


I met Greg at a Michał's birthday party, in Wroclaw. I fell in love as soon as I saw that he had orange hair that matched with the orange pants. Greg probably fell in love when, after an hour, I tried to get him to buy a painting, which he got from me about a month later anyway. Greg is my favorite person in the world. The first ring I made just because he mentioned once,  that he liked raw jewelry. He always believed in me and I love him more than myself.

I wouldn't be here without Greg

People to whom I owe myself


I met Tunia even before I was born. I can't express how much I love and how much I owe her. She is my biggest fan and even if I do things that are completely out of her style, she will take anything from me and will brag about them at every possible opportunity. Tunia so likes the ring that I made that she wears two of the same ones on both hands. She is my best friend and


 I wouldn't be here without Tunia

People to whom I owe myself


I met Tomek in high school at our friend's birthday party. We've been friends for about 4 years now, and in all that time Tomek has never refused to help me, which I actually need quite often. He was the first person who helped me embrace projects. Despite the fact that I know when he tells me that something is "nice," he doesn't like it, and only "oh awesome" means success, I know that he always sincerely supports me. Tomek is totally super.


I wouldn't be here without Tomek

In my undergraduate project, my main focus is on two themes. What they have in common is that both are close to me, but in different ways. The very visible personal aspect is a kind of tribute to the people I have around me. The people involved in this exhibition have made me where I am. They are the biggest motivation in all the projects I create. The results of this and every previous work are the result of the support I receive from them every day. The second theme is directly about the body. The jewelry is made of unusual materials, most of which involve human secretions. This form is not only intended to be a reference to the theme of my theoretical work, but also a symbolic complement to the first thread. Body secretions in the case of my work are peculiar talismans for those closest to me. Although I am far from believing in spiritual matters, the symbolism itself is meant to make me always close to them. Wearing the jewelry, me and my friends will be next to each other whenever we need it.

The positive character of the materials is meant to reinforce how well I wish them and how much they mean to me.The work's edginess may initially seem to stand in opposition to its overall theme. However, after analyzing the meanings and reducing the potential rejection, it is a complement to the whole, which is a kind of coherence between the two themes. Closeness to the body and closeness to the heart form a unity from completely different forms. When dealing with jewelry, I also base my work on the cognitive contrast that the sight of human body secretions evokes in society, versus, for example, stones or precious metals. With my work I show that these two themes can harmonize and create objects that, in appearance and meaning, give joy to the people to whom they belong.

~ Oliwia Skrzypaszek